Heart of Texas Home Studies partners with many other professionals and organizations who provide quality services for families before, during and after adoption.

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates (AKA) is an organization in Austin that serves adoptive families, adoptees and birth parents through monthly meetings, conferences and more.

Helpful Websites

Adoptive Families website offers helpful information and interesting articles.

The Donaldson Adoption Institute offers extensive research and recommendations on a wide variety of adoption-related issues.

Empowered to Connect provides resources for adoptive and foster families.


There are many good therapists in Austin and surrounding areas and some have extensive experience working with adoptive families.  The social workers at Heart of Texas Home Studies are most familiar with the following:

Dr. Steven Terrell, PLLC

Robyn Gobbell, LCSW

Starry, located in Round Rock, offers multiple family services, including counseling. 


Heart of Texas Home Studies has worked with countless family law attorneys helping families through their adoption process.  Most families completing an adoption without an agency hire the services of an attorney directly.  There are many quality attorneys in the Austin area including the following:

Jennifer Cochran- Green

Ilana Tanner

Denise Hyde  (512) 474-9911 

Elizabeth Brenner

Suzanne Bryant

Michael Guevarra

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope is a support organization for foster and adoptive families in Austin.  They offer resources, information and an annual conference.